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School Governance|Fukuoka International School in Japan

Language 日本語英語

Fukuoka International School (FIS) is an independent, nonprofit, private school incorporated in Japan and accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education as a School Juridical Body, "Gakko Hojin" as well as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

A twelve (12) member Board of Directors, elected for two-year terms, by the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors, governs the school. The Board of Trustees is composed of a maximum of twenty-five (25) members, from which eleven (11) members are elected to the Board of Directors, as specified in the FIS Constitution. A Chairperson for the Board of Directors will be elected from and by the Directors.

The Board of Trustees selects the Head of School and will develop the operating policies and conduct the business of FIS. "Articles of Endowment " provide details and guide Board of Directors and Board of Trustees.

School Governance
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