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Target|Fukuoka International School

(Expected Schoolwide Learning Results)
Language 日本語英語


FIS students will exchange and articulate ideas clearly, creatively and effectively by

  • Using appropriate language to express themselves orally in formal and informal conditions.  
  • Applying appropriate techniques to communicate in writing.  
  • Presenting ideas using a variety of media.  
  • Striving for proficiency in English


FIS students will demonstrate self-motivation in learning by  

  • Setting and adhering to challenging educational and personal goals.  
  • Raising meaningful questions that extend learning.  
  • Initiating projects that demonstrate individual creativity and appropriate risk taking.  
  • Reading and reflecting on information from a variety of sources.

Critical Thinking

FIS students will apply knowledge and skills by

  • Evaluating ideas from multiple perspectives.  
  • Selecting and applying appropriate problem-solving strategies.  
  • Connecting learning to other disciplines and to the world outside the classroom.  
  • Contributing to solutions of community and worldwide issues.
Critical Thinking


FIS students will exhibit awareness of self and others by

  • Valuing physical, social, and emotional health.  
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions and making responsible decisions.  
  • Recognizing personal strengths and areas needing improvement.  
  • Demonstrating integrity in all aspects of their lives.


FIS students will contribute positively to society by

  • Showing respect for the perspectives of other individuals and cultures.  
  • Working collaboratively towards a common goals.  
  • Engaging in acts of charity and community service to benefit others.  
  • Honoring the role of family.
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