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Language 日本語英語

FIS Elementary Art

In Elementary Art, students will learn how to be creative along with basic art techniques. In various seasonal and cultural projects from grade 1 through 5, students will gradually develop their level of expression on art and techniques. Famous artists and some art history from Renaissance to Contemporary period are also introduced along with a project. Based on these everyday studies, students will have art exhibition at school twice a year to show their achievement, where we also have critique and discussion sessions. We also go to art museums in Fukuoka city once a year to practice and challenge to understand real art. FIS elementary art classes aim to develop an understanding of world-wide art within each student.

Arts class

FIS Sixth-Eighth Grade Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts, creativity and expression are emphasized. Students make connections to other arts and cultures and become creative thinkers. Projects with an interdisciplinary connection and multi-cultural approaches will be explored. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with different media as well as problem solve. Three- Dimensional projects such as small sculptures, crafts and puppetry will be done with other Two- Dimensional work. Drawing and painting skills will be introduced. The Elements and Principles of Design will be emphasized. Students are expected to keep an Art Journal that presents and highlights the development of their ideas, evaluations, reflections and understanding of their work and others. Their work will be exhibited throughout the school.

FIS Ninth-Tenth Grade Visual Arts

In the ninth and tenth grades, various approaches to art will be learned. Advanced skill development will be emphasized. A mixture of media will be explored. Students will hone their observation and interpretive skills as well as their imaginations. They are to be more aware of how art communicates and the symbolism behind such work. The Elements and Principles of Design will be stressed. Students will research artists and art movements, as well as give presentations. Students are encouraged to make connections to other disciplines and they are encouraged to be creative thinkers. An Art Journal is required. Their work will be exhibited throughout the school.

Fukuoka International School IB Diploma Visual Arts

The IB Visual Arts course is a two- year program starting in the eleventh grade. This course is for students who are serious about extending their personal vision in art and whose sincere interest in the arts will continue. Students work on a sequence of projects that result from investigating the social, cultural and historical contexts of other works of art. By making connections, they arrive at their own personal statement. Students will also explore how artist address various issues in society. TOK questions are part of the course and an Investigative Workbook Journal is required. At the end of the course, there is an Internal Exam (Investigative Workbook) and the External Exam (Studio Work). An examiner will interview the candidate. The candidate has the option of taking High Level or Standard Level course of study.

Arts class
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