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Welome to FIS Employment site.

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Secondary School Principal

All full time teaching positions for both elementary and secondary have been filled for this school year (August 2016-June 2017).

Current open teaching positions for

■ Substitute Teachers (Immediate openings)

"Applicants are required to send a CV/Resume, letter of introduction, Statement of Educational Philosophy and the names and contact details of a minimum of 2 referees."

Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted. Resumes will not be returned. We apologize for not being able to respond to each applicant individually.


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Working at FIS (minimum requirements for FIS Full-time Teachers)

Full-time Teachers

Selection of Criteria for full-time teachers:

  • Hold valid teaching certificate in their respective field(s)
  • Possess at least two years of full-time teaching experience (English conversation teaching/Peace Corps/Intern experience do not count)
  • Possess a philosophy of education committed to the education of the whole child  
  • Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills and an adaptive, flexible perspective on life

International Hire definition:

International Hire teachers are defined as those who are recruited either through a recruitment agent located outside of Japan or a teacher currently resident outside of Japan who is recruited directly by the school. International hire also includes those working at another international school in Japan, but who have attended a job fair to secure a position at FIS. Their sole purpose for being in Fukuoka is for their employment at FIS. This definition of international hire is regardless of nationality.

Those who wish to work as full time teacher will have to obtain "Instructor" VISA, or "Japansese Spouse" VISA.

Local Hire definition (FT):

Local hire teachers are defined as those who are recruited from within Japan at the time of hire and have not attended a job fair to secure a job at FIS. This includes expatriates who have been living and working in Japan but not previously employed at another international school. This definition of local hire is regardless of nationality.

Those who wish to work as full time teacher will have to obtain "Instructor" VISA, or "Japansese Spouse" VISA.

Local Hire definition (PT):

Applicants who already reside in Japan regardless of nationality.
If you are interested in teaching at FIS, please send your resume and a copy of your valid teaching certificate to FIS Office

In order for non-Japanese teachers to work legally for FIS, they need to obtain a ‘Permit To Engage In Activity Other Than That Permitted By The Status Of Residence Previously Granted’ issued by the immigration office. This permit will usually allow non-Japanese teachers to work up to 28 hours per week. Expatriate teachers with a Japanese spouse can work without the permit.

Salary & Benefits for full-time teachers in brief


Initial contracts are for two years. After the initial contract, basic term of contract is two years.


We offer a competitive salary, which supports well the costs of living in Japan. The salary scale recognizes years of experience and qualifications.


International teachers joining the school receive a number of benefits. First, economy flights for the teacher from their country of record or point of hire (e.g. if in another international school). For the accompanying dependents the school will pay half the fare. When the teacher leaves the school this of course works in reverse. As well, shipping allowance for personal possessions are allocated for the teacher hired.

On arrival teachers are accommodated at a local hotel while apartments are found. Staff are supported to find apartments. The payments made when acquiring an apartment are complex in Japan and the school contributes to the costs with an ongoing housing allowance and funds to purchase furniture. It should be noted these are taxable benefits.

On arrival teachers are assisted by the business office to complete the necessary paperwork to be officially registered in Fukuoka and to open bank accounts etc. The school also looks after the current and long-term needs of teachers by the provision of health insurance. The school also contributes to a pension scheme by matching teacher contributions of up to a maximum amount.

For those teachers with young dependents the school tuition fees and other school fees are waived up to a maximum of two children. It must be noted that the Japanese government as in most countries, see this as a taxable benefit. One small but helpful benefit is a monthly transport allowance.

Various types of leave exist, including sick leave, compassionate leave, discretionary leave etc. The school also recognizes the service given by teachers and has a severance package that is paid to the teacher at the end of their final contract with the school.

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