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Gakkohojin Fukuoka Kokusai Gakuen Fukuoka International School (hereinafter referred to as FIS) believes that personal information protection is imperative for maintaining individual dignity and so considers it a social responsibility to collect, use, manage and store personal information properly and impartially as well in order to protect individual rights and interests.

FIS establishes the following privacy policy rules and regulations and strives to implement them sincerely and securely.

1.Collection of Personal Information

When FIS collects personal information, the purposes of usage will be specified and only necessary information will be collected with the consent of the persons concerned.

2.Usage of Personal Information

FIS will only use personal information for within the school purposes.

3.Securing Accuracy

FIS takes appropriate measures to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

4.Security Management

FIS pays extra attention to handle personal information and takes appropriate measures in security management to prevent unauthorized access, loss, corruption, falsification or leakage, etc.

5.In-house Education

In an effort to appropriately manage personal information, FIS provides employees with education and training on the privacy policy.

6.Restriction on Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

FIS will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party without prior consent.

7.Supervision of Trustees

When personal information management is outsourced within the authorized boundaries, FIS will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the trustee so that the security of personal information is appropriately managed.

8.Disclosure of Personal Information, etc.

When an individual or party makes a request to confirm or correct the personal information the school possesses, FIS will immediately respond to the request within a reasonable and necessary extent.

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